The Law Offices of Frank & Wyman, L.L.C. hold widespread legal expertise taking on all types of traffic charges, which range from just about the most major of traffic (D.U.I.’s, leaving the scene, driving without insurance and driving while suspended/revoked) to minor traffic offenses (speeding, negligent driving, stop sign/red light tickets).

The sum of fine and/or incarceration is always left up to the trial judge  That being said, it is the Motor Vehicle Administration that will assess points immediately dependent upon the outcome to your case in court. In Maryland, if an individual accumulates eight points or over, on their driving record your driver’s license rights may be suspended. For twelve points or higher, the driving license is subject to getting revoked.

Many times there are worse consequences. For the most minor of traffic offenses, a driver’s insurance costs can spiral out of control. Insurance agencies commonly look at a person’s driver record for points on an annual basis.

That is why an attorney is usually advised for not merely the severe traffic cases that expose the individual charged to incarceration, but it’s also crucial to receive expert legal representation for all other traffic offenses as well.

Our Law Office has the experience required to manage all of your traffic tickets in court, and even legal representation in the Office of Administrative Hearings should the Motor Vehicle Administration desire to try and take your driving privileges away.

You should call us to go over any of your legal needs.