Our Law Firm is accomplished and highly regarded for handling major personal injury and wrongful death cases in Maryland. We will be aggressive in our pursuit of personal injury claims, having open communication with our clients, and, delivering the best legal skills to each and every personal injury case we manage. Our experience consists of representing those with injuries coming from car accidents, medical or nursing home negligence, workers compensation claims, dog or animal attack cases, and injuries suffered as a result of a defective drug or medical device.

Automobiles Accidents in Maryland (including Work-Related Inquiries)

Insurance companies employ and continue to keep on retainer a staff of aggressive attorneys whose one job is to make certain people hurt in accidents do not receive just and adequate settlement. This is the reason why you should retain a lawyer that is more aggressive and offers more experience and knowledge in obtaining and defending the rights of individuals injured in an automobile or job-related accident. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a motor vehicle or job-related accident in Maryland, be sure to contact the Law Offices of Frank and Wyman to get a free consultation. There is not ever a fee in these kinds of claims unless a recovery is made on your behalf.

Dog Bites in Maryland

Maryland has a dog-bite statute. This means a dog owner has a duty to restrain his or her animal for public safety. If you are bitten or hurt (knocked down or tripped) while you are lawfully on private property (or while you’re on public property) the dog’s owner may be held responsible. You or your family member may be entitled to serious damages any time a person is wounded by somebody else’s dog.

Dog bites and substantial injuries need to be reported right away. Report this to your local animal control and/or the law enforcement department. Maintain a note of the date of the report and the name of the person that you spoke with.

If attacked or injured by a dog in Maryland:

  • Find medical treatment.
  • Report the dog bite or attack to the suitable authorities.
  • Take photos of the hurt area.
  • Make a note of names and contact information for all witnesses
  • Email or call the Law Offices of Frank and Wyman.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Maryland

Sadly, countless slip and fall occurrences result in serious injuries or even death. While slips and falls often take place on faulty or incorrectly maintained stairs, walkways, or sidewalks, they may take place practically anywhere. When you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall in Maryland and you have questions about your legal rights or need a highly trained Towson Personal Injury Attorney, email or call the Law Offices of Frank and Wyman to get a no cost consultation.



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