Our Law Firm pursues every legal avenue! Our legal defense is second to none in criminal cases. There are a variety of solutions and Motions that we take into consideration, which is Frank & Wyman’s method for obtaining the greatest results for our clients. Usually, we conduct the following in defending our clients to get a full, effective, and aggressive defense to any criminal charges:

Firstly, Matthew I. Wyman, Esquire or Arthur M. Frank, Esquire, will certainly deal with every factor of your criminal case personally. Unless a unusual scheduling situation comes up, we DO NOT send a younger lawyer with not as much practical experience, or send a lawyer that may not be as well-known with the Judges or the court system to represent you as we both equally are.

  • We will certainly not plead a client guilty without having before anything else looked at every potential defense.
  • Our Law Office does not manage volume so that one of us will be representing only you during your trial.
  • We’ll file a number of Pre-Trial Motions in just about every matter, among them (where applicable):
  • Motion for Speedy trial;
  • Motion for Discovery coming from the prosecutor;
  • Motion to Produce Documents, which includes police reports;
  • Motion for list of state witnesses the State intends to utilize against you;
  • Prevent codefendants’ statements (if any) from being used against an individual;
  • Motion to Suppress illegally obtained evidence;
  • Challenge statements made in any search warrant;
  • Motion to keep out from evidence any kind of chemical analysis or Breathalyzer results;
  • Challenge chain of custody of evidence;
  • Motion to Suppress unlawfully secured confessions and statements;
  • Motion to Dismiss based on a defective charging document;
  • We’ll assess all the evidence the State intends to use against you.
  • We are going to interview witnesses wherever necessary.
  • We will perform background checks for the witnesses the State will utilize against you.
  • We will get any 911 tapes, videos, and/or recordings that could exist.
  • We will evaluate police reports for differences with your Statement of Charges.
  • We will challenge credentials of any expert witness the state intends to make use of against you.
  • We will make an effort to postpone the case if beneficial to you.
  • We will pray a jury trial in many cases to secure a more desirable forum for your trial.
  • We will proceed with a jury trial if warranted by the facts and circumstances of your case.
  • We will subpoena witnesses you would choose to call for trial.
  • We will discuss your case with the Assistant State’s Attorney preceding trial to seek dismissal of your charges.

Furthermore after trial, the representation by Frank & Wyman, P.A. continues. The following post-trial Motions are frequently needed to completely protect your rights:

Though there might be additional fees applicable, we will certainly when proper, file:

Motion for a new trial.
Motion for modification of disposition.
Petition for Expungement (see listed below)


Most important of all, for employment purposes and also for your future well-being, we will file a petition for expungement, when appropriate, which in turn includes:

  • Expunging the public entry of the occurrence on the Maryland Judiciary web site;
  • Removing the records of the occurrences in the Court Clerk’s office;
  • Having records of one’s charges eliminated from examination by the State;
  • Clearing any state or local police record of your involvement in the case;
  • Getting your records, fingerprints, and mug shot removed from the State, County, and City law enforcement records.

To every extent possible, make sure that your employer, neighbors, associates and others will not have access to the actual issues associated with your case.


When you need to have a Baltimore Criminal Attorney, it is Arthur Frank or Matthew Wyman who will work for you in every stage of your case and will present themselves in court with you whenever the time comes.



are members of the following organizations:

  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • Baltimore County Bar Association
  • Baltimore City Bar Association
  • Maryland Association for Justice
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association