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Our Law Office is dedicated to representing individuals and businesses throughout the State of Maryland who have been investigated, accused, and/or charged in any kind of criminal issue.

We have considerable legal defense knowledge in every aspect of the criminal law, ranging from complicated felonies to misdemeanors, and including murder, robbery, DWI/DUI, drug related charges, assaults, white collar, as well as political prosecutions.

We have aggressively dealt with several high-profile cases that have been on leading news pages and on television. A number of our recommendations are provided from other law firms through the entire State.

If you have been arrested, questioned as part of an investigation, or alternatively charged with a criminal offense within Maryland, get in touch with the Law Office of Frank and Wyman to obtain a free as well as extensive case evaluation.

If you require a skilled Towson Criminal Attorney, It will be Arthur Frank or Matthew Wyman who will stand for you in each step of your court case and definitely will appear together with you when the time comes.

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